In many online shops and also in serious online casinos, Bitcoin is now available as a payment method.

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So right here, the cryptocurrency Bitcoin comes into play. But can you simply opt for a Bitcoin casino, or is it advisable to cover up with information in advance so as to be sure that it is a recommendable provider? The main reason is not only that you can make deposits with the cryptocurrency Bitcoin, but also about any fees, the game offer and, of course, the question of whether it is a serious-that is, licensed-provider.

Both options offer specific advantages for players. Well-known operators are reliable, safe and know what matters. New gambling sites are more likely to shine with generous bonuses and an innovative design. Whatever you are looking for, here you will find it safe.

1. Reine Bitcoin Casinos, which, apart from the digital currency, does not accept any other payment method; without client software and connected Bitcoin wallet, there is therefore no way to use the services of the casino. Various deposits and disbursements are handled only through the specific system. This means that you cannot charge your account with either the credit card or the payment service immediately, but you always have to use the cryptocurrency Bitcoin. Pure Bitcoin casinos are, for example, mbit Casino or Cloudbet.

Advantages of Bitcoin Casino

One of the most important advantages of Bitcoin Casino is that the customer can deposit very quickly and can start playing without first having to convert the money and paying extra charges for the conversion. You can simply deposit Bitcoins on your Casino account from your Krypto Exchange or Wallet and play with it immediately. That way you save time and the fees.

In addition, in our casinos, players can easily dug up first-class Live Casino bonuses. Most of these gambling sites are also collaborating with leading software vendors such as Evolution Gaming, Playtech and Ezugi. These are well known for your wide range of live offers.

Even the best online casinos have to transmit both the communication encrypted and the payment transactions. However, even if the public keys are intercepted, the data is completely useless if the user is not in the possession of the associated private key. Public Keys can therefore be shared publicly without any doubt. It is therefore not clear that the payment of bitcoins in the online casino is much more secure than with many other payment methods.

There are many games that have been specially developed for Bitcoin, so there aren't many, if any, games on the Bitcoin casinos that are identical to the normal online casinos.


Bitstarz has to be the most popular bitcoin casino so far. You can play with Bitcoin here and win real money in the online casino. It can be confidently said that it is the best online casino with real money starting credit without deposit. So there is a bonus without deposit as free starting credit, real bitcoins, which the casino offers you as a welcome gift. For this, no prior transfer of bitcoins or Altcoins is necessary.

Now you have the option to choose a payment method, which in this case is Bitcoin. The next screen you'll see is where you actually make the deposit in your Bitcoin Online Casino for real money. Here you have to enter the deposit amount, which must be within the bank limits. Then enter your Bitcoin wallet address, approve the transaction, and wait a few minutes until the Bitcoin miner confirms the transaction.

5. In the end, it is then still about the payment methods available. If you want to make transactions with the cryptocurrency Bitcoin, it is important that the digital currency is also accepted by the online casinos.

But even if you are still far from offering Bitcoins nationwide, there is also a positive trend here. A further disadvantage is the fluctuating courses, because bitcoins can gain value within a short period of time, but also suffer a loss of value. These fluctuating courses are also available in other currencies, which do not weigh too much in the case of many.

Here is a short guide to the most important steps to participate in online casinos using Bitcoins:

Now go to your Bitcoin wallet and enter the public key of the casino account. Then you confirm the transfer amount and fix the respective transaction fee, if that is not automatically taken over by the Wallet.

Can Bitcoin be converted into Euro again?

Bitcoins exist only in the form of data that is stored on the blockchain. But of course, this data is still worth it and can be exchanged in "normal" currencies. However, this will not work with a currency exchange office or bank, because here no cryptocurrencies are accepted. So you have to find a exchange on the Internet to exchange Bitcoin in Euros. A very well-known provider in USA is, for example, Coinbase.

In less than 10 minutes, the balance will hit your casino account and you can start the game

As a payment option you will usually have both the classic bank transfer and PayPal and credit card. The transfer usually takes a few days, because the process has to be confirmed first in the blockchain. The bank transfer to your account can also take several days depending on the bank's processing time.

You can use this cryptocurrency not only on BTC gambling sites after the payout. After all, players can use Bitcoin in addition to gambling for many other things. This is a big advantage when you consider that many of the other cryptocurrencies have a really limited use. Those who are not familiar with all the ways they can spend their bitcoins, let us list some of them. For example, you can purchase services and products from hundreds of online stores that accept them.

So if you have had the luck on his side and have been able to multiply his effort, it is now about the payout of the win. In the private account area, you just have to go to " Payout " Click and then-if offered-select Bitcoin.

A lot of fraud among non-regulated casino operators. Knowing that rebuings or refunds are not an option for Bitcoin, it is easy to guess that fraudulent casino operators love this payment method. More specifically, there are hundreds of Bitcoin casinos that you shouldn't trust. These operators are not licensed and regulated. So they can do whatever they want without paying out profits or withholding payouts. Also, there were many hacking attacks, after which it was impossible to get his coins back. Therefore, we would like to stress once again how important it is to join only trusted operators of Bitcoin casinos in USA.

However, taxes are only to be paid if Bitcoin is sold or paid with. So if you have invested his money in the cryptocurrency or already owns Coins in his digital purse, you don't have to pay any taxes for it.

A real Bitcoin casino, in your account, leads the paid money on the other hand as Bitcoin credit. In such a case you can only gamble Bitcoin casino games. Since your stakes in the Bitcoin games are also made in BTC, the amounts due to the high price of Bitcoin are also small accordingly.

Support and customer service: Guaranteed a quick consultation

The provider's customer support can convince in several ways, even if it is not necessarily an exemplary customer service in comparison to other Bitcoin casinos. For discussion with the employees, for example, only one live chat is available. This clearly shows the innovative setting of the provider, since a classic support by telephone or mail is completely dispensed with. The live chat is, however, a good option, because answering your own questions always takes place immediately. In addition, the chat can be used around the clock, so that no further alternatives are needed anyway. From the point of view of the US players, it is only necessary to note that the care is always carried out in English. A US-speaking customer service is not yet available. Presumably, however, this will only really become a problem for the least players. Pleasant: The window for the live chat, which can be found in the lower right area of the homepage, opens directly during the visit of the website.

If you're looking for an online casino with a difference, then this is the best casino to pay a visit.

A little bit of a pity, however, is that no real FAQ or help area is available. This is only available for the bonus and the payments with the Bitcoin. However, if you have basic questions about the portfolio or the deposits and disbursements, you will always have to contact an employee directly. Strong: the company is also active on Facebook, Twitter and Youtube. Thus, there are good chances that contact with the company can also be established via social networks.

This allows you to double the benefit of the casino games around Bitcoins and increase your winnings by a multiple. However, because of the low interest rates, the creation of euro profits would hardly be worthwhile.

Even if the Bitcoin software has been banned in some countries like Russia or Bolivia, you can pay in almost every country in the world, including USA, with the new online currency completely legally and without obstacles and restrictions.

Mobile App: Free mobile app available

The provider's portfolio is additionally complemented by a mobile app that can be used free of charge. According to our mBit casino experience, this is a web app that is fully used in the browser of the mobile device. This means that no download of a software is required, but only with the smartphone or tablet the website of the casinos must be called. If this happens, the view is automatically optimized and then offers a very good overview. In principle, the mobile design is entirely based on that of the regular homepage and can therefore score points with a good overview and a light control. In addition, the mobile version operates completely free of errors and does not require excessive loading times for itself. "Spoken" in the mobile game version is, of course, also only English.

So if you think you want to put your luck in a Bitcoin casino, you need a wallet, the digital wallet, in which the Coins will be lifted. As soon as the digital wallet is filled with Coins, you can then make a deposit and then play a round of Black Jack or set it to a certain number at Roulette.

Even now, many enthusiastic casino visitors appreciate the easy handling and the unconditional anonymity of this well-known cryptocurrency.

What happens at the casino when the Bitcoin course changes?

Bitcoin is one of the most interesting payment methods on the iGaming market. Anyone who has invested early can now benefit from it. However, the value changes with the course. That's why you have to exchange more or less money. For more information on the topic, please click here.

Numerous experience reports from active players show that Bitcoin casinos score points, offer good service, and make payments especially fast and easy.

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With over 900 different games, the mBit Casino offers an impressive variety. In addition, many promotions are waiting.

BTC casinos provide many classic casino games. In addition to slots such as Book of Ra, Bonanza, El Torero and many more, you can also play poker, baccarat or blackjack, or measure yourself against real opponents at the Live Casino, depending on the virtual games hall's offer.

Of course, it should be mentioned here that the player, if he is looking for an online casino, should make sure in advance that this is a reputable provider-in our comparison we have introduced five trusted casinos.