Game, fun and excitement in Crypto-Casinos? Oh, yes. The world of digital assets is about to enter the mainstream-and even in front of the casinos and sports betting with cryptocurrencies, the market is getting an upswing and more and more institutions and companies are betting on cryptocurrencies. But Bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies can not only be worn, but also playfully multiply: in various crypto casinos it is already possible to bet with the digital money and make profits! Of course, paired with a lot of fun and thrills in the cryptic casinos! On the platforms, Crypto and Gambling fans can dive into the world of casinos and test their luck from blackjack to roulette.

At Site, we acknowledge that while USA has not yet adopted a general Crypto Casino stance, laws and regulations are not yet in place. It's just a matter of time! And when it happens, you'll hear it here first! But at the moment, we're taking a look at three of the best crypto casinos currently available in online casinos in the EU. Read on below.

In addition, they usually come with unbeatable arguments, such as a huge number of games or a unique design. Not to mention an often breathtaking Bitcoin casino bonus with which especially new providers try to stand out from the crowd. It goes without saying that we have tested each operator on our best Bitcoin casino list. So that this bonus is not only subject to fair conditions, but also that in the AGB's no hidden costs or traps are lurid on you.

2. Online Casinos with Bitcoin Offer: There are also online casinos that fall into the category Bitcoin casinos because they offer this payment method. However, this does not mean that other payment methods are excluded-you can very well charge your account with your credit card, by means of instant transfer or bank transfer. Examples of this are Betchan or Playamo.

How Bitcoin works in the Online Casino

Of course, bitcoins have to be in order to be able to make a payment. The wallet required for this is quickly and easily set up. If you already have a proud Bitcoin owner, you will only have to find a way to complete the transaction.

This is more simply expressed in terms of huge, continuously extensible data sets, which are linked with one another using cryptographic methods. So there is no central body that approves or checks the payments, but exclusively the decentral blockchain.

As a customer, you only need a Bitcoin wallet and the corresponding software. The acceptance is slowly but surely bigger, but so far there are actually only a few US online casinos in which you can make payments via Bitcoin.

What is a Bitcoin Casino?

A Bitcoin Casino is a casino that accepts deposits and withdrawals with Bitcoin. The payment methods in Swiss online casinos are very diverse and there have always been new possibilities in the last few years. In addition to the old-known credit card or bank transfer, it is also increasingly common in today's time that deposits with Bitcoin can be made.

In addition, dealing with the online currency is very easy, because you only need a corresponding software on your computer as well as a counterpoint that accepts Bitcoin as a payment method. But also the relatively low fees are of course a further advantage for you as a user.

Each of the options has pros and cons, so you should see what's best to suit you. Those who do not favor any effort and convenience should probably opt for the first option (buy Bitcoin via broker or stock exchange). This method is both simple and fast. You enter the amount you want to upload, choose a payment method, and receive your coins within seconds.

The casinos have been growing more and more for such deposits in recent years since the Bitcoin boom to be exact. The bitcoins are converted into the casino balance and you can play as usual. If you want to pay off its profit, this is now also possible with Bitcoin at most Swiss online casinos.

Payout from a Bitcoin Casino

One of the best things about Bitcoin is the fact that it can be used for both on-and-out. Those who do not know how to apply for a payout with Bitcoin can read the following section where we explain the simple process.

Thus, payment transactions with cryptocurrencies are not always better and not easier. But what exactly are the differences to other payment methods? Is it worth it for you to use Bitcoin instead of a credit card payment? Let's look at Bitcoin in comparison to other popular payment methods.

Enter your Wallet address and payout sum. After you have opened the payout area, you are ready for the next step. This step consists in entering your Bitcoin wallet address and the payout amount into the appropriate fields. Of course, the number of Bitcoin coins that you want to withdraw must be within the payout limits and be equal to or higher than your account balance. Make sure that you do not make typing errors when you enter your wallet address, since Bitcoin transactions cannot be undone. Needless to say, you can use the saved wallet address from the deposit, if you have paid it.

Another plus is in this context that the bonus can be disbursed easily in the further course. It is only necessary to successfully master the sales conditions for this purpose. This means that the bonus has to be converted into the portfolio a total of 35 times. Only when this has been done, the amount can be disbursed. However, a few more points are important here. On the one hand, each player for the activation will remain a 30-day period. On the other hand, the stakes are not equally valued at every game. Live games, for example, are excluded from the sales conditions. Video poker and table games contribute only 10% to the fulfilment of the conditions. Only in the slot machines can customers rely on 100 percent of their bets for the bonus.

Neteller, for example, points out that Bitcoin itself may charge fees. If you wish to book in euros, you will not be able to pay at least the exchange fee.

Anonymity is only given until you are asked for verification and this usually happens on a payout. A verification, also called KYC, can also be requested at any time from the casino.

Step by step-How the payment works

You will be redirected to your wallet and need to make all the necessary security information there

It has over 900 + really high quality real money casino games, which have some really good graphics. Although they are not quite as good as the normal casinos. This casino is regulated by the government of Curacao and accepts payments in all forms, not just Bitcoin.

For you as a player from USA, the regulatory authorities Malta Gaming Authority, Gibraltar Regulatory Authority as well as the licenses of the Ministry of the Interior Schleswig-Holstein are relevant in this context. Which authority is responsible for the casino in which you want to play, you recognize the logo on the provider's homepage. As a rule, the logo is linked to most casinos and leads you with a click to the license of the regulator.

Attention: One should not forget that a Bitcoin casino does not need an official gambling license. The offer can therefore also be made available without review by a supervisory authority. For this reason, it is advisable to know in advance whether the casino has a license.

This includes payments from Bitcoin wallets, Neteller, Skrill and all popular debit cards. All games have a really great interface and are user-friendly.

The personal protection of each individual customer is first and foremost promised by an SSL encryption. This encrypts all important and sensitive data, which, for example, must be entered into the form upon registration. Also strong: the mBit Casino is committed to the responsible game and ensures that customers can take their own steps in the event of possible signs of gambling addiction and also receive support from different locations.


Here the gamer's heart beats faster: between slots, video poker and blackjack, the online casino trueflip offers a wide portfolio of different games, all of which can be played with cryptocurrencies. In addition, the registration is child-friendly and the fees are very manageable compared to other providers.

Another point, which cannot be ignored, is the possible fees that can be incurred if you decide to use a Bitcoin casino. So before you decide for a casino, you should get into experience whether there are any fees-such as a payout fee.

Therefore, in your account creation you must make sure that you have also selected BTC. Some Bitcoin casinos offer Euro and Krypto at the same time, so you only have to select which currency you want to play at the current account in the account area.

Bitcoin Casinos: Bonus without deposit?

In addition to the question of whether fees are incurred, it is also a question of whether a bonus is offered by the provider. Currently, however, there is no exclusive welcome bonus, which is explicitly provided only to those players who have opted for a deposit with Bitcoin. However, most of the casino offers a bonus on the first deposit, usually 100%. Before deciding on a bonus, however, you should deal with the bonus conditions.

What's even better: Many of our recommended Bitcoin casinos also offer great games of deposit bonuses for blackjack games. This means that your Blackjack gaming experience can be enjoyed in a Black Jack Casino with up to 400% more use. Our list of the best Bitcoin casino websites contains some great welcome bonuses. So be sure to check them out to see if you can start on the right foot. So make sure that these bonuses can also be set for blackjack.

But the ever-growing popularity of Bitcoin has also led to a growing number of providers who have decided to include the cryptocurrency in their own portfolio. Finally, the current offer is always determined by the demand of consumers, so BTC reaches an ever-increasing circle of action.

In a good dozen online casinos as a US Zocker, you can use the virtual currency at the 2021 level. This will increase the number of providers you can use to pay with the virtual currency month after month. The most recommended and best casino Bitcoin pages from US-speaking providers can be found in an always up-to-date list here on this page.

It is therefore extremely important that the private key is securely stored immediately after it has been created. Both the Public and Private Key consists of a long sequence of numbers and letters, which you normally cannot remember. The best way to secure the information of the key pair directly in the Wallet with which you have this first (backup) and backs up the file in a place that does not have access to anyone. This can be, for example, a USB stick in the safe. Keep in mind, however, that you do not only secure the key pair with one method. If, for example, the USB stick is technically failing or the sheet with the written keys is lost or destroyed, there is also no way to save more. This great effort of key backup is especially recommended for medium to larger balances, if you use a wallet only for micro-transactions, the effort is usually not worth it, since you only lose relatively little credit. It is therefore advisable to briefly consider how much you want to deposit in a good Bitcoin Casino and how much effort you spend on securing the keys.

In terms of security, too, you don't have to worry about it-an advantage, which is above all sceptical players to appreciate.

In comparison to conventional methods, Bitcoin payment is considered to be particularly fast and secure. Also the anonymity of payment is preferred by many zockering. Some people also use bitcoins as an investment option, keep their casino online profits and hope to achieve a higher return than with the investment of euros at a bank by increasing their value in the long run. If you are not convinced, please take a look at the alternative payment methods in the online casino.

I'm a real-life K├Âlnerin, and I wear my heart on the tongue. Taking a hand in front of your mouth doesn't matter to me at all. My over 10 years of experience in the online casino has started as a playlist, but in the meantime I have acquired a very extensive knowledge of the game.

? Is a Bitcoin Casino safe and serious?

As always, security and seriousness depend not on the payment method, but on the validity of the gambling license. With a license for online gambling, the casino is under the control of a regulatory authority, which can quickly detect manipulation and fraud with several measures. Licensed casinos are therefore safe and serious.

Recognition at the universal level: Since the cryptocurrency is not tied to the exchange rates, interest rates, transaction fees or other charges of a country, it can therefore be used without problems at the international level.

Since Bitcoin in casinos is still a completely new topic for many players, I have many questions about it. I would like to answer the most frequently asked questions here for everyone.