Cryptocurrencies are in full trend. One of the best known is and remains the Bitcoin, which is now even suitable for making deposits and withdrawals in online casinos. We made the search for the best Bitcoin casinos in 2021 from USA, and we found it surprisingly fast.

Not only do you want to reduce transaction costs, but you also want to give players a decent level of decision-making. The more payment methods offered, the higher is also the probability that the suitable variant for the player is also in the process.

The Bitcoin has been making the rounds for 10 years now and has gained value in this process. Anyone who has already invested in the early days, who may be Bitcoin millionaire today. If you are in possession of the cryptocurrency, you can now easily multiply it in the online casino of your choice. After all, there are plenty of opportunities to make the biggest gains from small operations. If you want to make it easy, you can pay bitcoins easily and conveniently on the Skrill or Neteller Wallet. From there, the transaction works very easily into the casino.

Slottojam scores with a medium-sized but varied game offer, many payment options and several bonus types. The still quite new online casino has a lot of potential!

Securely store bitcoins

Afterwards, you can either download the bitcoins to your PC or mobile device, or deposit them in a cloud solution, a Bitcoin Online Wallet. The currency units then end up either in the software installed for this on your PC or in the virtual wallet in the cloud.

There are still not many Bitcoin casinos in USA that are directly connected to the currency. However, we firmly believe that this will change in just a few years-precisely because the digital cryptocurrency offers an incredible number of advantages. You can find out what they are now.

You have on your computer a virtual wallet called Wallet. This makes it even possible for you to be able to trade with Bitcoins. You can exchange the bitcoins in other currencies, inasmuch as the counter-office also offers BTC. Since this system is a decentralized currency system, no bank will be involved in the trading, which will be interesting especially if you want to play anonymously in the casino.

For example, the Wallet provider Neteller will help you to explain the functionality of Bitcoin: " In order to transfer money to your Neteller account in Bitcoin, you first need a Bitcoin account. Please register on the Bitcoin website to register with Bitcoin. Click on the payment option "Bitcoin ..." in your Neteller account under cash receipts.

iPad is the second most popular Apple device, and is used by millions of people worldwide. So there are also some operators that optimize your casino experience directly for iPad users. Also, there is a handful of vendors that bring Native apps directly to the Apple tablet. In principle, it should be noted that every Bitcoin casino on our list is playable at least via the browser.

Those who want to save this way can, of course, search for online casinos, which allow a direct deposit via Bitcoin. However, this option is not yet available nationwide, so it makes sense to take the path through online wallets such as Neteller and Skrill-virtual payment methods in which every second casino player already has an account.

Big bonuses The first bonus of $20 doesn't require a deposit and can be used at the slots. There are other offers of the slot machine bonus, including 100% up to € 1,000 at the 1. Deposit bonus, 150% up to € 900 at the 2nd deposit, and then three different levels of recharge, depending on how much you deposit. There is a total of € 1,000 in Casinomatch Bonuses, starting with € 500 as a welcome bonus for the first deposit. There is another 300 € for the second deposit and 200 $for the third deposit.

4. Another point that must not be disregarded are the experience reports to be found on the World Wide Web. Those who are unsure should therefore be looking for possible assessments or test reports. If there are any reports from satisfied customers on the side of the casino, you should be particularly careful-it could be about the casino self-written experience reports to maneuver into a better light. Especially when there are many negative reports on the Internet, there are a few providers who are trying to attract new customers with "better reports", which can be found on their own page. Experience reports can only be helpful in the end, if they were found on independent platforms.

Play in online casinos with Bitcoin

At the top Bitcoin casinos, we differ in two different cases. The deposit will be made via Bitcoin, but the deposit will be paid in euros, as is otherwise the case. Then you can gamble all the casino games that are available in other casinos. A real casino with Bitcoin will also make your deposit in the casino account as Bitcoin credit. But then you can only play Bitcoin Casino games. The following sections show which casino games you can play with Bitcoin.

You've done it! Wait for the payout from BTC Casino. If you have successfully completed the first two steps, you will only have to wait for the Coins to be transferred. From Casino to Casino, the payout can take up to 3 business days. If you don't want to wait for your payout so long, we recommend that you select a Bitcoin Casino from our list, as it will unsettle your payment within a few minutes.

If you have received the bitcoins in your account, you can either sell them and convert them into real Euros, or use the currency to buy or pay on the Internet. In addition to the numerous Bitcoin casinos, for example, Expedia, Microsoft, Dell and Dish also accept the Internet currency for online purchases.

After you click on the button " Send " button, your transaction will be transferred to the blockchain network, checked by it and executed at the end of the day.

The Casino playing surface has a good feeling even when it is first used. Everything is very intuitively arranged. With fast charging software for the games, good payouts and some different shots of some of the old classic slot machines of normal online casinos with real money.

The company Neteller immediately makes clear in the context of the following: " Money paid by Bitcoin is only available for transfers to merchants and members. These sums of money cannot be withdrawn from cash machines or used for purchases at points of sale. "

Bitcoin table games-Roulette & Blackjack with BTC

Good BTC Casinos for table games not only have a large selection of roulette and blackjack games, which can be played directly with Cryptocoins, also the sales conditions of the Bitcoin bonus for roulette and blackjack games, I have observed in the Bitcoin Casino Test. The following Bitcoin Roulette & Blackjack casinos have the best combination of game selection, bonus offer, and easy-to-fill bonus conditions.

It is important, however, that in the course of the first deposit, you also take into account which bonus programs are currently available. At Fairspin, this is currently a 100% bonus and 30 free games, so it doubles every deposit up to the set amount.

If you want to make it even easier, you first pay bitcoins on the Neteller or Skrill account, and then look for companies in which these two e-wallets are accepted. This saves on time, but also saves fees.

In the Bitcoin Casino itself, your credit is converted into coins, which you can then use at the site and in classic casino games. Many good online gambling sites offer you a conversion overview, so that you are always in the picture, how high your stakes are, and you don't always have to convert coins into bitcoins and into euros. If you make a profit on the site of the online casino, you can transfer it back to your wallet in the virtual currency. There you can sell the bitcoins and convert them into euros or dollars, pay at other shops, or simply keep the coins and hope for a further increase in value.

Security! Not to forget, that long not all Bitcoin casinos are safe. Here you always have to make sure that you only play at a licensed casino. Only with licensed casinos (mostly with MGA license from Malta or sometimes also Curacao license) you can be sure that they will work according to all rules and will not gamble.

Fees for the cash calculator. Finally, the last trick of Bitcoin, is fee-related. If you make a deposit with Bitcoin in the Online Casino, you often have to pay cash conversion fees. This means that you will have to pay for an exchange fee in a Bitcoin casino. In addition, even if the casino operator you choose does not charge any Bitcoin deposits, you will need to cover it when you charge your Bitcoin wallet. These fees usually vary by 1.50%, depending on which company makes your Bitcoin wallet available. Still, e-wallets are equipped with similar charges, so BTC is not much worse in this regard.

Bitcoin Casino Games

Casino MAXI also offers a wide selection of websites where you can play Bitcoin Casino games online. For example, you can participate in our recommended Bitcoin Online Casinos at high jackpot games, slot machines and all your favorite classics.

Fluctuating course: The Bitcoin course is very volatile, i.e., even without own allocation, gains or losses can arise

If a player has a questionable game behavior, he or she will be offered several contacts for advice. In USA, in particular, the Federal Agency for Health Education (BzGA), the organisation "Play with Responsibility" as well as the association "Spielsucht Therapy" and "Check your game" are responsible for this.

If you have downloaded the software on PC or mobile phone, you can buy Bitcoins online or in various official exchange offices on the Internet. Afterwards, you can download the bit Coins purchased in this way with the software. Upon payment, you will receive a contact number, to which you can transfer the amount due to the currency unit with the help of your Bitcoin software.

Bitcoin is very safe. The encryption of Bitcoin is hardly to be surpassed. That's why payments with Bitcoin are also very secure.

The value is displayed in euros, so that it is easy for beginners to keep track of expenditure and revenue. If you are unsure whether your chosen casino will allow Bitcoin transactions, please ask the support directly.

BTC Live casinos with real croupiers

A modern casino offers not only software-based table games, but also a live dealer casino where you can take a livestream on a real gaming table. The cards are mixed by a real dealer and the roulette ball flies in real time to the wheel.

Bitcoins are also happy to be used as a cash facility and the value of a currency unit has more than thousandfold since 2011. So if you win Bitcoins, you have the additional option to keep them and speculate on a further value increase.

For example, the page writes: " Like banks, only small amounts of cash to stock, we also keep only small stocks of cryptocurrencies on our servers regularly ready for payment requests from customers in so-called hot wallets. This corresponds to approximately 2% of the total amount of cryptocurrencies held by us for our customers. The own euro and cryptocurrency assets of Bitcoin Deutschland AG exceed the stock of cryptocurrencies in the Hot Wallets by a multiple and can thus be fully compensated in the event of a possible loss. "

One of the main reasons why more and more casino fans will soon be able to make a deposit with the digital currency, since you can make a deposit directly as well as anonymously. If you decide to use a Bitcoin casino, but you do not yet have a Coin of the digital currency, you can choose from two ways to get it:

7.) Are there Bitcoin alternatives?

Krptocurrencies are actually coming-precisely because you offer customers many advantages and in front of all the winning possibilities. The Bitcoin is by far the best known and most successful digital currency. So far, alternative crypto currencies are not really accepted by online casinos. If you generally rely on fast and secure transactions, then the E-Wallets can also be a good alternative for you. These are offered to you in various currencies, whereby the euro is of course the highest priority for you. We are pretty sure that there will be significantly more crypto casinos in just a few years than today. So you can be eager to see how the market is developing.

However, the payment with the cryptic currency also has a few disadvantages. Thus, the price development of the bitcoins can of course also run to your disadvantage. In addition, the payment system is only accepted by a few casinos on the Internet, which restricts your selection extremely.

Paysafecard is a very innovative way to make casino deposits. Paysafecard is a part of the renowned Paysafe Group, which includes leading payment services such as Skrill and Neteller. With this prepaid voucher, players can buy their Paysafecard at any dealer. Then they just have to use their 16-digit code to make payments in casinos that support Paysafecard. However, this payment method also has disadvantages. Although anonymous and fast, the Paysafe Casino does not support disbursements and the limits are low. (Between € 10 and € 100.)

At which casinos do you play, do these also take bitcoins to deposit and what experiences do you have with such casinos already collected? Would be good if you could leave questions or even comments below. In any case, we very much hope to have created an interesting and useful article to you.

A further small manko is also currently the game selection in the portfolio. So far, not all of the over 900 games can be played on the mobile phone or tablet. Fortunately, there are several games available from each category, so that you can always find a few games for each genre. Additional functions, such as the handling of the deposits and withdrawals, can also be done with the mobile app.

? Are casinos with Bitcoin in USA legal?

Since Bitcoins have a valid gaming license of a renowned regulatory authority, such as the Malta Gaming Authority, playing in USA is legal. As long as the operators abide by the conditions, you can be sure that there is no fraud. For a better overview, I've listed you all Bitcoin casinos here.

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The minimum deposit at most online casinos is 10 euros. Accordingly, you will find numerous providers with whom you can instruct this deposit sum.

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