We have a huge range of online casinos to choose from, to select those who have the best games available for you. This has been rated by us for the January 2021 as the provider with the best game offer. In order to make it even easier for you, we have sorted the games according to type to give you an overview of the offer.

You have the big advantage online that you can test all the games extensively before you go to the real money casino for the hunt for profits. So try out all the casino games, have fun, look for the right strategy and then win real money!

Our professional passion is gambling on the Internet and in the game bank on site. We inform ourselves about current developments in the gambling market: innovations in terms of gameplay, cooperation between software developers and strategies for an even more successful game with real money.

The question is, what casino games are the best? At this point we would like to refer you to the table below of the top online casinos with table games. Of course, there are also some insider tips from our experts, which you certainly do not know yet.

7. Dice Games-Craps, Sic Bo and Co.

As well as bingo and keno, the dice games in online casinos are more likely to be a niche. This is mainly due to the fact that there are very few casino games with dice. The best known is, of course, the craps, whose rules of play hardly anyone really knows in this country. I personally prefer to play Sic Bo with three dice, where you can place inserts on different dice combinations or eye numbers, similar to the roulette on a tableau. As you can see in the table, as with roulette, the payout is very strong even in the case of Sic Bo, but in some cases it can be won up to 180 times the amount of the bet. Here, too, you can use Martingale strategies as with roulette.

Your advantage: our casino games are all from the best manufacturers, such as Gamomat, Yggdrasil and Mercury. Consequently, this means chic graphics, thrilling themes and lucrative odds of winning. Get the gaming fun wherever you want. Whether on the PC, on the tablet or smartphone-mobile casino games are everywhere where you are.

So, if you want to play at the casino for free, there are plenty of opportunities for it. On our website, we explain which games you can play for free and which bonus offers you are allowed to use. The advantages are obvious: if you play for free, you do not take any risk. In the demo version of the games, no real money gains are possible, but you do not lose any hard earned money.

Caribbean Stud Poker is also known as Tropical Stud, Casino Stud or Oasis Stud. In this poker form, the player first has to take a bet, the so-called Ante, and at the same time he can also complete a side bet.

5. Wunderino Casino (400% Bonus)

Well known from television and definitely deserved among our top 5 of the best casino games providers. Founded in 2017, Wunderino has conquered the US market in flight-and we know why this is so. Just try it yourself. Play Now

Of course, you can also enjoy casino games in any other place: The online table games are designed for mobile devices, so that they can also be accessed wonderfully on your mobile phone or tablet. If there is a nice casino bonus, the experience is perfect. You can still find free casino games online everywhere-this is difficult in the land-based casino to impossible.

The game can be enjoyed at the vending machine as well as in the live casino with a lifelike spike ladder. Bingo at the Internet Casino is characterized by these factors in particular:

Slot machines and video slots

Slot machines and video slots are the heart of any online casinos. Here you can choose from hundreds of different online slots. Bonus features, such as Wild symbols, free games, bonus rounds and mini-games, make for a more variety.

Newzoo has been able to summarse the sales developments since 2017 and forecasts up to 2022 using the worldwide app downloads. The revenue from iOS apps is expected to increase by 7.3% by 2022, Google Play apps by 12.7% and apps from other mobile sources by 19.6%. All in all, this is a sales growth of up to 11.1%.

This is convenient and convenient for you as a player, because you do not necessarily have to change the gambling provider if you are looking for a win for the casino classics roulette or blackjack.

Playing at the casino free of charge is also possible with a bonus. For example, if you make a profit with a free start credit, these will initially be bonus credits. This must be done again at the casino before you can make a real profit. If you can't find a bonus, you will always have the very practical demo mode of the casino table games, which allows you to prepare yourself for the "right" game without risk.

But there is another term, which should be mentioned in this regard: the variance. This makes sure that you have a lot of luck and win big, but you also have to live with long pecheed strands, in which you almost don't win anything. It is, and remains, a gamble.

Game selection

The selection of casino games has to be simple and should appeal to as wide a public as possible. In addition to slots, it is also the online table games, which we always look closely at. We also take a closer look at the Live Casino, because after that, many players are looking for a specific target.

In any case, it is always recommended to familiarist yourself with the basic rules of a card game in advance. For example, at Black Jack, you can learn when you should pick up another card, and when it is more likely to be able to beat the dealer. So not only do you master the rules, but also develop a tactical understanding of the sequence of the respective card game. This way you minimize the risk of losing money. Instead, you increase the probability of being able to leave the table at the end of the round as a proud winner.

Avoid additional chains. Play in the standard format first until you feel secure enough.

1. Age of the Gods: Glorious Griffin

Fantastic backgrounds, stunning animations and a very popular theme will definitely be offered here. When everything comes together in a single online slot, it's easy to understand why Age of the Gods: Glorious Griffin of Playtech landed on our list of the top 10 new online casino games on top of the first place.

A reload bonus will also reward you for a paid deposit, even in the 100% value. In general, however, the value of a reload bonus may also be lower or higher than 100%. So you'll be rewarded with a reload bonus for filling up your casino account.

Baccarat and Blackjack offer best payout rates: Depending on the variant, the house advantage is usually less than 3 percent. This means that only this percentage of the stakes will be withheld from the casino. Roulette in the European variant also offers a high payout ratio. Here, more than 97% of the stakes are returned to the players.

Thanks to this bonus, it is possible to try out certain casino games in peace and quiet and without any additional costs, and to make real money gains.

What types of casino games are there actually?

Our database of free casino games includes slot games-the so-called slot machines-, roulette, blackjack, baccarat, craps, bingo, keno, online scratch cards, video poker, and some other types of casino games. However, the vast majority of the games are slot games. This makes sense, as slot machines are by far the most popular kind of online casino games. Also, the free roulette is also very popular.

Further useful information about this exciting topic can be found on our site especially for the Live Dealer game.

Whether you're a new or already experienced player, every single title on this list of best slots is worth trying out. And if you are already there, then you can also see our selection of the best online slot pages.

This is the case with many, but not all, providers. We would also like to point out that although it can be tempting to test with free free games in the casino, it has a much higher value than the welcome bonus with a deposit. 10 or 20 free games often have a value of a few euros, while first deposit bonuses can already have a value of several hundred euros!

The falling prices for mobile phones and smartphones, as well as the improvement of the global Internet coverage, will continue to support the increasing number of mobile casino players. Anonymity and security are also boosted by the growing offer of online casinos with cryptocurrencies until 2025. And last but not least, users will continue to get what they want most.

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A big advantage of the big gambling market and the associated competition is, however, for you as a customer, that there will be at least one internet casino with high probability that your ideas and needs correspond almost perfectly.