Be it blackjack, roulette or slot machines: gambling is also very popular in this country. But just online, US players are getting their money's worth. First-class online casinos combine traditional games with the advantages of the digital format: Fair odds, security, attractive bonuses and the comfort of the home living room. Here you will get to know the best online casinos and get tips and information for your entry.

Casino online play comfortably from home. We list all the casino that USA has to offer. All casinos in USA at a glance, funny & easy. In addition, we show all the current actions in our online casino comparison.

Answers can be found on these and many other topics on our portal. For whom it should go fast, the one takes a look at the side table and comes directly to the casino that meets his needs best. Have fun!

The short tests give you a decision-making help for your choice. They offer a foretaste of what awaits you. But nothing is about the personal experience. Our tip: you can register with each provider without obligation and try out almost all casino games for free. Then you have the choice to log in and play with real money.

In recent times, there has been a real swing in the US market. The requirements of the EU are to be implemented, because the current legislation is not in conformity with EU regulations. Since the federal states have not been able to reach a few, a grey area has been created. This is also the reason why it is difficult for players from USA at the moment to find PayPal casinos and also providers like Mercury and Novoline are waiting for the first time. More and more federal states are no longer willing to accept this state of affairs and have started to set up country-specific gambling laws. As a model, the approach of Schleswig-Holstein, which has already begun quite early, is to award its own licenses. Here, I always keep you up to date on the current situation in the individual federal states:

The special trail of Schleswig-Holstein

Schleswig-Holstein has not signed up to the state contract and decided to issue a license to various casino operators. Although a Schleswig-Holstein licence makes US online casinos legally-but just in Schleswig-Holstein. We refer to Internet game halls with a Schleswig-Holstein gambling licence or US founders as US online casinos. The licences (Schleswig-Holstein Glückspielnis) for legal Internet casinos are limited to January 2020.

Even if winning one of the coveted awards is an important indicator for a high-quality casino, this does not mean that a popular online game store without awards is not a good address. Often, new providers have not yet had the chance to push themselves into the field of vision of the organisations that award the prizes.

Roulette is the epitome of casino games. Hardly anyone can escape the magic of the rolling ball. Online Roulette scores with high odds and many exciting variants away from the original game.

Another method for checking online casino's fair play is to generate seed-key through the casino server before displaying the results, and to publish the checksum of this value. After the exit of the game, the player can check the seed key via a web interface and make sure that the outcome of the game has not been tampered with. However, this method does not work in multiplayer games (such as poker).

By a change of government, the state gambling monopoly was somewhat loosened. The so-called "experimentation clause" was introduced and associated with it were 20 concessions for private sports betting providers, which were to be valid until 30 June 2019. Advertised have 80 prospects, have qualified 35 applicants. The concession, however, has not been awarded until today. The justification for this lies in the complaints submitted by providers, which, among other things, denounced the non-transparent tendering procedure. In short, the concession procedure has been suspended by a court ruling until a verdict has been made on the cases mentioned above.

A fair online casino bonus is in a good relationship between revenue and the available time period. As a rule, 20 or 30 times the amount of the bonus amount is required. For this, serious online casinos will then also provide you with several weeks of time. If you feel the bonus terms of an offer at first glance to be unfair, you should make an arc around the deal. In addition to the general requirements such as sales and timing, you should pay attention to the bonus on fineness.

The best free game offers

We collect the best free game offers from the casinos for you. Keep an eye on the section "Offers" on our homepage. If there is a worthwhile casino promotion there, you can find out here immediately! Free game offers are available in almost all casinos, you just have to use them!

While some customers have a high casino bonus and their sales conditions are very convincing, other players have the game offer, the software or the winning odds in the foreground. The speed of deposits and withdrawals is also a key criterion in decision-making.

Picture above: A good customer service places special emphasis on players from USA, Austria and Switzerland. Free telephone numbers for the respective countries should be taken for granted.

However, in the absence of a reasonable legal framework, an extreme grey area has developed, as a result of which the black market has developed above-average among the game operators. This then results in a corresponding high number of problem players. It is around 400,000. On the basis of this, the Italian government in 2017 prompted the treatment of gambling addiction to be included in the health insurance. This is a free basic treatment.

If a casino appears opaque or refuses to make payments with flimsy justifications, then it is time to remove it from our pre-selection. If there is any doubt about our editorial staff, we consciously distance ourselves from the provider. Finally, the site is about protecting you as a reader of players against fraudders. The companies that we are looking for are able to dispel any doubts. Also, if a profit distribution takes longer than planned, this is no reason for us to question the seriousness of the casino.

The countries wish to draw conclusions from the fact that the providers of sports betting and online casinos are banned and nevertheless accessible to everyone in the new regulation of the gambling market. Accordingly, the state sports betting monopoly of the provider Oddset is to be made in the first instance. As a second step, countries are looking to legalise online casinos. As part of a first amendment to the Treaty of Gambling, [...]

Slot machines, video poker and other single player games are another, more important and essential part of the online casino;

The best online casinos in USA:

Europe is a true breeding ground for online casino websites! There are now hundreds of wonderful, European casinos, which also welcome players from USA (and sometimes from Austria or Switzerland!). Our best-placed casinos for the US gambling market can be found at Online Casinos USA! Most of the European casinos are licensed either in Gibraltar or in Malta. In particular, the Malta regulatory authority, the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA), has developed a good, reliable reputation and demands absolute safety and seriousness from its members. Each of our Casino Test Reports also has detailed information about the casinos ' service and our evaluation. Some providers, such as the DrückGlück Casino, have even chosen a US name.

It is also true that some game providers create their games in several configurations, from which the casinos can choose the one with the preferred payout rate. Your payouts will generally depend on your game selection and style and not on your favorite casino.

You can only assess the digital gambling very hard. As well. They may have played in a local game store sometime, but the experience gained there is difficult to compare with the experiences you can make in an online casino.

At poker, however, this is different. According to a recent verdict, he no longer falls under the category of gambling, but is in fact a skill game. Those who regularly receive income from the pocore should be well informed about the current tax law situation.

In addition to these tabs, you can also use our advanced filters, which you can use to optimize your selection in various ways. For example, you can only display casinos that support a certain payment method or have games in the portfolio that come from a particular game provider. You can also search for specific currencies that support a web page, or according to a particular language, etc.

State hopes for a bit of the gambling cake

The main argument of the advocates of a liberal gambling market: a nationwide ban on online casinos is in any case ineffective, since the offers from abroad remain unaffected. This is why it is wiser to allow platforms in their own country, where they can better regulate-and tax them-. Schleswig-Holstein alone pleated a liberal scheme in dealing with online casinos of 50 to 60 million euros per year.

This also includes very good VIP-Bonus offers for the most loyal players, which can also benefit from further advantages.

The first steps towards the new Treaty of Gambling are made, and the demands and proposals of politics and the economy are being prassied. This is what happened at the Media Days in Munich. A panel of experts discussed under the word "Bettertainment", the market of sports betting, online lotteries as well as casino and poker, after a timely and future-proof regulation of the gambling market. This growth driver will need modern regulation [...]

Players should also set up rules for their own actions before they start playing. This includes setting time limits for your own games. Also, before playing, it should be clear how much money a player wants to use. Many good and reputable online casinos offer players the ability to set deposit limits and set limits for specific periods. Many payment providers also guarantee the setting of certain payment limits.

There are a growing number of online casinos that accept Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies as a payment method. This trend will only be overtaken by the trend towards the mobile casino.

For the most part yes. It may be that a new customer bonus is different. In fact, some online casinos offer different casino bonuses depending on the region.

This article does not replace legal advice or is an invitation to play online gambling or other gambling games. Every person and player has to decide for themselves personally.

? Who checks US Internet casinos?

Online casinos will be reviewed by the regulatory authorities of the country that have licensed these casinos. In order to obtain a license, gambling providers must comply with a set of requirements, which each country defines differently. At some point, a gambling license expires and has to be extended, so that the casinos have to show again and again that they meet all of the requirements.