If you are looking for the best online casinos, you are right here at the right address. We have tested all the reputable online casino providers to determine the top sites where you can play games for real money from USA. Take a look at our overview and within a few minutes you will find the online game store that is perfect for you.

The programmers do not currently rank among the top 3 in the ranking of the software companies, but they are violently in the supremacy of Microgaming, NetEnt and Playtech. Why? In the past years, Betsoft has consistently pushed into a market gap-in the 3D area. The slots of Betsoft convince with a unique design. The animations and effects are outstanding. In the truest sense of the word, the games are filmed. In the following test, we have looked at the Betsoft Casinos for you. We want to introduce you to the most important games and, of course, to introduce you to some serious and safe online casinos, where you can enjoy the Betsoft Games in a risk-free way.

On our site, we will look at many of the relevant topics and issues that users of new online casinos often ask. What does the latest generation of portals bring with new online casinos? What are their advantages and what are the disadvantages? Are they serious, legal and secure? And are new casinos financially strong enough to also make big profits pay off? It can be assumed that the latest online casinos meet the highest standards of technology and device compatibility. But are the new providers really worth a login? Answers to all these and many other questions can be found on the website. If you have a question or other concern, please do not hesitate to contact us.

It is worth noting that it is not dissimilar to the "KYC" process, that a payment method must be chosen, which also runs on your behalf. Also possible friends or relatives are excluded, because only payment methods are allowed, which are ascribed to you. If you do not stick to it, closure of your account is not ruled out, and of course we want to avoid that, do we not?

Best graphics-these are the BetSoft games

One thing is clear to every connod of the Gambling world-a BetSoft slot machine usually convinces with best graphics and outstanding theme designs. The company itself advertises on its own homepage with this core element and speaks of "Cinematic 3D Games" and "stunning visual effects". And one has to admit to developing the reputation of the company Games with outstanding visual effects, is truly justifiable. The following BetSoft games are just a small excerpt from the wide selection of best BetSoft online gaming machines:

The quality ensures that no more reason has other comparison sites to visit gambling games. For you as a player, this loyalty has advantages & will be rewarded by us. You will receive loyalty points for each action on our game banks. Are online gambling services banned in USA? No! Gambling is completely legal in USA.

By the way, profit rates are not the same as payout rates. To understand: you play a novoline slot, and for a five-colour combination of sevenes, you will, for example, fill 250 times the set line amount. Here we are talking about a rate of profit, which varies according to the type of symbol. The payout rate, in turn, is the part of the total casino revenue that closes in the form of profits back to the players. On average, the RTP, as the theoretical repayment is also called, should not distinguish the 94% value in any case.

An appealing design is often not the whole truth

It is impossible to point out that our eye, of course, also plays a not insignificant role in the choice of the right online casino. Aesthetics, design and correct spelling just make a good impression. However, these aspects should not be decisive for your choice, because a look behind the scenes is sometimes worth gold in the truest sense of the word. Pay attention to the transparency of the respective provider. Whether it is the licenses, payment rates or the like-as a customer or customer, you should have easy access to the information that is relevant to you! In addition, it is also possible to read some experience reports from other players or players and thus gain a more detailed insight into the approach of the respective provider.

It's no secret that the most popular among the presented games are slot machines, so the software developers are in fact inclined. Of course, the focus of the players is on slot machines with three-dimensional images. Today, Betsoft is considered to be a leader in the production of games with three-dimensional images. These are different graphics, and are therefore very popular with the players. So after reading the available online casino games from Betsoft and their functionality, you will be able to appreciate and select the best of the popular models.

Faerie Spells: This jackpot is new and deals with the spells of a fairy. In the bonus game, you can pay off the main prize, which is almost always six digits. Sometimes, the jackpot at Faerie Spells grows to over half a million euros.

You can also try all of Betsoft's slots in demo mode only once, so you can quietly decide in which game you want to venture a round of real money.

The company has several machines with progressive jackpots, but no major gains have been made yet. The most famous jackpot slot machine to date is Glam Life.

At present, about 80 per cent of gambling addicts would be in the advisory centres due to vending machines in game halls and restaurants. With the legalization of the more addictive "virtual automaton games" this relationship will change relatively soon, the search expert estimated.

So how do I rate the software of the casino? I share this test area in the two parts, casino software and game manufacturer. In Ersterem it is particularly important to me that everything is intuitive. The games are mainly concerned with the selection, availability and connection security.

In the best case, the slots in online casinos should have payout rates of 94% to 96%. For this reason, the Internet casinos are in no way to the game banks in the profits. What it has on its own with the payout rate (English Return-to-Player, in short: RTP) is well explained in one of our advisors on the payout ratio of slots.

How does Live Casino work

Playing at the Live Casino is very close to playing in a land-based casino. In the Live Casino, cameras and microphones are used. This way you can see in real time what happens on the tables and hear what the dealer says. You can enter your commands via the keyboard. Some live casinos even have a zoom function of the camera, so you can zoom in on the roulette ball, for example, when it is thrown.

Here, too, you will be offered a large number of bonuses, which you can use as first-time depositors. It should also be mentioned that payments are usually made very quickly and that free services are also supported.

With a wide variety of exciting and visually high-quality games, Betsoft Gaming is particularly enthusiastic about users in Switzerland. The outstanding graphics, the first-class sound and the stylish design of the Betsoft games offer the gamer a unique gaming experience, and the 3D effects in a variety of slots tempt them to play again. As it is so beautiful when eating: "The eye eats with". It is also similar when playing at the Live Casino. Games without an appealing design are not so frequently played statistically, as the eye sends important signals to the brain.

More about Play'n GO

The Casino Software by Play'n Go is one of the most popular on the US market and is convincing in terms of quality and performance.

Profits from free games or the bonus money themselves must, as a rule, also be implemented at least 35 times. In rare cases, the bonuses without a deposit also have maximum limits for the payouts of profits. Sometimes you can not pay more than 100 € real money. You should therefore look closely at the bonus conditions.

The FDP is in favour of a fundamental reform of the gambling market, which has allowed the online gambling online to be illegal and thus a bar for the black market. FDP parliamentary party leader Christian Dürr is calling for the DPA to "a clear, Euro-pared-compliant regulatory framework that renews a failed state treaty". He further explains that a regulation of online gambling would curb the black market and benefit countries from tax revenues. More concrete [...]

Regardless of whether a large prize has been paid out, whether the slot has been running for 2 days without winning, or whether the player is making high or low betting operations. In addition, there are the various possibilities for winning combinations, which are determined by the number of paylines and reels. The following picture was created in order to give concrete expression to this abstract matter.

Which casino pays the fastest?

Not only is the rate of deposit important-you also want to have your winnings as fast as possible. That's why we've also tested the best online casinos on it.

Valdis Dombrovskis: The EU Commission warns of risks of the cyber currency Bitcoin for investors and consumers. "There is a risk that they will be outraged," Valdis Dombrovskis, Vice-President of the EU Commission, said. Investors should realize that the Bitcoin course could fall any moment. "Virtual currencies like Bitcoin are not really currencies." Dombrovskis said he had asked the EU's bank secretators to bring their warnings on Bitcoin to current levels.

The welcome bonus to welcome new customers will usually be granted on your first deposit or your first deposit. The acceptance of a bonus is usually quite simple, as you will be informed about the payment. In some cases you have to enter a promo code. In any case, we would like to point out in our test reports any special features of the welcome bonus.

As a Roulette fan, you can also get your money's worth at the online casino. The classic game variants of the European Roulette and American Roulette are to be found everywhere. Just like with the Black Jack, there are also many innovative versions available here. This includes, for example, the 3D Roulette, the Multi-Wheel Roulette or the Roulette La Partage.

The best online casinos in our top list all have an outstanding casino app. However, there is clearly a contender here who offers the best mobile app-namely LeoVegas. It is perfected for both iOS and Android, and offers absolutely intuitive play!

? How many online casinos are there?

The exact number of online casinos currently available on the market is difficult to estimate. This is due, among other things, to the fact that regularly new casino online providers show up and others disappear again from the image area. In addition, not all online gambling providers are regulated. It is estimated that there are currently around 5,000 online casinos in the world, with most of them in the United States. (Source: https://www.anbieter.org/casino/wie-many-online-casinos-gives-es/)

All in all, an extensive and positive picture emerges when you look at the online casinos and test them. The game offers above all stand out, as they can compete well with the games in ordinary game banks and game stores. In addition, digital game banks can be well defined by the usual game stores, through the special promotions, which always play one of the most important roles in the respective evaluations. Similar to that in other areas, the Internet has shown that it does not have to hide from analog offers.